Valentia Island Caravan & Camping

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We hope your stay with us is enjoyable. Please read the following terms and conditions.  By making a booking you are accepting our full terms and conditions.


  1. The park only accepts holidaymakers. We are unable to accommodate twin axle caravans, commercial vehicles or units other than specific tourist units.
  2. We cater for individuals, couples and families. We accept small groups not exceeding four adults or families of four adults and four children.
  3. We do not allow gazebos or event shelters onsite.
  4. We reserve the right to decline acceptance of any overnight application for any reason. In particular if any application contains misrepresentations the Management may decline acceptance.
  5. At the time of booking full contact details will be required.
  6. A booking deposit of 50% is required at time of booking, with balance to be paid in full upon check in at reception.
  7. Should you wish to cancel your booking, a minimum of 14 days written notice in advance of arrival date is required, in which case your booking deposit will be refunded in full or transferred for another date, if available within the current season.
  8. All group bookings must be pre-booked and agreed by management.
  9. A maximum stay operates at the discretion of the management.
  10. No person under the age of 18years is permitted to stay at the park unless they are accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.
  11. All customers must leave the pitch in a clean and tidy state. Pitches offered are for one tent plus one vehicle, motorhome, campervan or caravan and car only.  The only other unit on a pitch may be a small pop up type tent for occupancy by children under 16. (This may incur an extra charge)

Check-in & check-out procedure:

  1. Guests must check-in at reception on arrival, before occupying a pitch.
  2. A pre-booked pitch is available from 2pm on date of arrival, check in closes at 7pm.
  3. If you wish to arrive later than 7pm you must request in advance to arrange this, a late arrival fee will be applied to the booking.
  4. All customers must pay balance in full on date of arrival.
  5. Refunds or transfers cannot be applied to any booking, for any night stay during your stay, regardless of circumstances.
  6. All pitches must be vacated by 12noon on day of departure, otherwise an additional night fee will be charged.
  7. Additional night fee must be paid for by 12noon. Please note that should you wish to extend your stay beyond the booked dates there is no guarantee that the same pitch will be available.


  1. Please respect the privacy of other guests and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 10pm and 9am with absolute quiet between midnight and 8am.
  2. Musical instruments/audio players/radios must not be played after 10.00pm.
  3. No trespassing on adjoining properties or causing nuisance to other landowners.
  4. Open fires and ground level barbecues are not permitted. Barbecues must finish by 10pm.
  5. The use of generators is not permitted on site. Cutting or damaging trees and other vegetation is strictly prohibited and the natural conditions are not to be disturbed.  This includes tying ropes or driving nails into trees.
  6. We reserve the right to require guests who breach these terms and conditions or, who in any other way are behaving in a manner likely to cause distress or nuisance to other management or visitors, to leave the park immediately. In these circumstances your stay at the park ceases and we shall not be liable for any extra costs incurred by you.


  1. Speed must be kept to 10km per hour and pedestrians and cyclists must be given priority.
  2. You are not permitted to give anyone else driving lessons at the park and/or practice your driving at the park.
  3. Quad bikes, trials bikes or electric scooters are not permitted on the park.
  4. The Park will not be liable to any person visiting, for any personal injury, fatal or non fatal unless caused by a negligent act or omission by the company or its employees. The Park will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage to any property including, motor vehicles and personal effects, howsoever caused or sustained.


  1. No ball games may be played in the vicinity of caravan, motorhome, or tent pitches.
  2. Use of bicycles, scooters, skate boards, roller-skating or rollerblading is not permitted onsite.

Children [under16]:

  1. Children are the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times.
  2. Children must be supervised at all times, in all areas of the park, including the playground area on the park so they do not create a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.
  3. Young children must be accompanied to toilets by adults at all times.
  4. Children’s playtime must end when darkness falls [July and August 10pm]




  1. Dogs may be permitted and individual consent must be sought before any dog is brought to the park. The permission for a dog may be withdrawn if management considers the animal is a nuisance.
  2. Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times. Owners must clean up after their pet immediately.  Dogs must be walked by their owners and not walked by children around the park.
  3. Any dog of a breed listed in the Control of Dogs Regulations 1998 shall not be permitted on the campsite, namely the American Pit Bull Terrier; English Bull Terrier; Staffordshire Bull Terrier; Bull Mastiff; Doberman Pinscher; German Shepherd (Alsatian); Rhodesian Ridgeback; Rottweiler; Japanese Akita; Japanese Tosa and to every dog of the type commonly known as a Ban Dog (or Bandog).


  1. Your visitor must obtain our permission before entering the park each time.
  2. Visitors must vacate the park by 10.00pm.
  3. It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitor adheres to park rules.
  4. If management finds that your visitor is disobeying park rules this may result in your visitor’s permission to enter the park being withdrawn.


  1. To help the environment please recycle all cardboard, plastic and household refuse in the appropriately marked bins. General waste bins, recycling bins and glass bins are located beside the shed at the back of the Park. Please dispose of all waste correctly.

Green bins – General waste

Blue bins – Recycle

Red bins – Glass

  1. The dropping of litter anywhere in the Park is forbidden. This especially includes cigarette butts. Please use bins provided allocated in the facilities building and around the Park.


  1. The grey waste area is a designated area for self contained vehicles to dispose of grey water waste. This is a set down area only.  Parking of any vehicles is prohibited.
  2. The chemical toilet is a designated area for self contained vehicles to dispose of chemical waste. This is not a toilet for adults or children.
  3. No towels or clothes to be hung on fences, hedges or the entrance gate. Rotary lines are only permitted subject to permission of the management.
  4. Clothes can be washed and aired in the laundry room. The washing machine and dryer are metered.
  5. Fresh water can be obtained from the service point, outside the mens toilets. All touring vehicles can use this tap to fill their tank on arrival.  It must not be used for washing vehicles.

Fire Precautions:

  1. Fire hoses may not be used for any improper purpose such as washing cars.

Complaints Procedure

  1. Should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of your stay please contact us immediately, so we may have the opportunity to rectify issues. In the unlikely event of the management not being able to rectify the problem or if you remain dissatisfied please leave your complaint in writing at reception where any outstanding issues you may have will be resolved.  We cannot accept liability in relation to any claim of whatever nature if you fail to notify us within seven days from the end of your stay.


The contract is with John and Emma Shanahan of Valentia Island Caravan and Camping

Park, Knightstown, Valentia Island, Co. Kerry, Ireland.